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v2 and special chapters

26 Mar

Version 2 of volumes 4.5-10

What has been fixed/changed: punctuation, names, missing text, misplaced text, translation mistakes (some tiny, others not so minor), reworded some sentences to make them sound more natural, etc. The first time around I, the translator, did a bit of a rushed job, and this manga deserves better. I can’t guarantee professional quality, but it’s better than it used to be.

The links to the previous version are staying up because I’m lazy, but if they go down I won’t upload them anymore. These are the files you want to get.

But wait, there’s more! Ikeda has been publishing new chapters for the 40th anniversary. Here are the first three, the next one will be published in May. The raws were provided by Lady Oscar Peru.

Special 01: Andre

Special 02: Girodelle

Special 03: Fersen

ETA 2015/07/11: Rose of Versailles has been licensed! The links to all the volumes have been removed, but for now I’m leaving the links to the specials. Speaking of which, the specials haven’t been dropped, they’ve just been put on indefinite hold until I can somehow get my hands on volume 11 (there were aditional pages for the first chapter in the tank release, so I intended to do the whole thing over).